NanoSchoolKit 1

With our NanoSchoolKit 1 „Nano-solutions“ you can do experiments on the lotus effect. Nanotechnology tries to imitate the water-repellent effect in an artificial way. The kit contains:

  • 1 experiment description
  • 50 ml of hydrophobe coating solution for wood or stone
  • 50 ml of hydrophobe coating solution for textiles
  • 50 ml of non-flammable solution for paper and cardboard
  • 30 ml of magic ink (anti-fog coating)

All experiments are part of the NanoSchoolBox. The kit is a refill kit or it may be used by people who are only interested in nano-coatings.

Costs: 48,39 € excluding 19 % VAT plus shipment costs

If you need bigger amounts of the material for larger-scale experiments, please contact us.

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