NanoSchoolKit 5

With this NanoSchoolKit 5 you can do experiments on the effects of ferrofluids. With theses small nanoscale iron particles dispersed in a liquid carrier you can locate the magnetic field around a magnet. Another experiment shows the changing density of the ferrofluid when exposed to a magnetic field.


  • 10 ml of ferrofluid
  • 30 ml of tenside solution
  • 2 laboratory glasses
  • 1 magnet
  • 10 pipettes
  • 3 petri dishes

The kit is part of the NanoSchoolBox. It’s a refill kit for the consumables of the experiment.
The experiment can also be carried out without the NanoSchoolBox and is suitable for people who only wish to do experiments with ferrofluids.

Costs: 33,61 € excluding VAT plus shipment costs

If you need bigger amounts of the material for larger-scale experiments, please contact us.

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