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How can you draw students’ attention to one of today’s most exciting high technologies? By sending them on a journey into the nanocosmos. We have packed the baggage for this journey – the NanoSchoolBox.
The baggage contains 14 experiments that help you understand the effects of nanotechnology: more


If you wish to do only a few nanotech experiments or if you’d like to reorder NanoSchoolBox material, we offer different NanoSchoolKits.  more

Nano Experiment kit for Chemistry lessons

Why does the characteristic colour of gold change when
its particles are smaller than 5 nm and where can such effects
be applied in industry today? How can lycopodium be super-hydrophobic and also cause powerful explosions? more

Nano Experiment kit for Physics lessons

How do you get from simple quartz sand to a high-performance wafer and how does the memory effect in shape memory alloys work? Why can lycopodium be super hydrophobic and cause huge explosions at the same time? Or how do smart surface coatings work, e.g. in the automotive industry (flip-flop effect) or in the electronics industry (ITO coatings)? more