Nano Experiment kit for Physics lessons

How do you get from simple quartz sand to a high-performance wafer and how does the memory effect in shape memory alloys work? Why can lycopodium be super hydrophobic and cause huge explosions at the same time? Or how do smart surface coatings work, e.g. in the automotive industry (flip-flop effect) or in the electronics industry (ITO coatings)?

This experiment kit provides relevant answers to all those questions.
We hope that the experiments described here will help you pass a few interesting hours in the world of small particles and fine structures. Some of the experiments introduced here are intended for demonstration only, but others can be incorporated into lessons under the supervision of a teacher without excessive preparation.

The kit contains 6 experiments and 4 demonstration objects that help you understand the effects of physics:

  • Increase in electrical conductivity through indium tin oxide
  • The magnetic field
  • Density separation with ferrofluid
  • Memory-Metal
  • Fire-breathing with small particles
  • Super-hydrophobia

One more demonstration object illustrates other topic of chemistry:

  • Hemisphere with flip-flop effect
  • Silica sand
  • Rock crystal
  • Silicon wafer

In our Nano Experiment kit for Physics lessons you’ll find plenty of “nano”.

Information for teachers:
We suggest you do the experiments from class 9 (age 13) onwards in Physics lessons.
The experiments can either be carried out by the teacher for demonstration purposes or by the students themselves in practical trainings or extracurricular workshops. you can set up work stations for the whole class.
We also recommend our kit for activity-oriented seminars.

This Experiment kit can be ordered as a German or English version.

Costs: 175,00 € plus 19 % VAT plus shipping costs.

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