How can you draw students’ attention to one of today’s most exciting high technologies? By sending them on a journey into the nanocosmos. We have packed the baggage for this journey – the NanoSchoolBox.
The baggage contains 14 experiments that help you understand the effects of nanotechnology:

  • experiments on the lotus effect
  • production of a hydrophobic surface on wood or mineral material
  • production of a hydrophobic surface on textiles
  • magic ink for glass (production of a hydrophilic surface – anti-fog)
  • scratch-resistant wood
  • production of non-flammable paper
  • electrically conductive glass
  • photocatalysis with titanium dioxide
  • the magnetic response of ferrofluids
  • changing particle density in a ferrofluid
  • detection of colloids with the help of the Tyndall effect
  • production of nanoscale gold
  • the shape-memory-effect
  • fire-breathing with small particles

5 more demonstration objects illustrate other topics of nanotechnology:

  • the use of nanotechnology in pregnancy tests
  • the use of quartz sand and crystallized quartz in computer chips
  • the flip flop effect

In our NanoSchoolBox you’ll find plenty of “nano”.

Information for teachers:

We suggest you do the experiments from class 9 (age 13) onwards - in chemistry and physics lessons. Some experiments are also suitable for biology lessons.
The experiments can either be carried out by the teacher for demonstration purposes or by the students themselves in practical trainings or extracurricular workshops. With one baggage only you can set up work stations for the whole class.
We also recommend our NanoSchoolBox for activity-oriented seminars.

The NanoSchoolBox can be ordered as a German, English or French version.

Costs: 369,00 € plus19 % VAT  plus shipping costs.

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