NanoSchoolKit 6

With the NanoSchoolKit 6 you can do experiments on nanoscale gold colloids. You can prove the existence of colloids with help of the Tyndall effect and produce nanoscale gold.


  • 10 ml of gold solution
  • 30 ml of tenside solution
  • 30 ml of citrate solution
  • 2 laboratory glasses

With this kit you can carry out the following experiments:

  • proving colloids with the Tyndall effect
  • producing nanoscale gold (producing ruby solution)

The kit is part of the NanoSchoolBox. It’s a refill kit for the consumables of the experiment.
The experiment can also be done without the NanoSchoolBox.

Costs: 37,81 € excluding VAT plus shipment costs

If you need bigger amounts of the material for larger-scale experiments, please contact us.

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